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Aglaonema Siam aurora, Aglaonema Pink lipstick - Plant

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Synonyms: Aglaonema siam aurora, Aglaonema Pink lipstick, Chinese Evergreen

Product Highlights:

  • Common Names: Aglaonema siam aurora, Aglaonema Pink  lipstick Plant
  • Eye-catching ornamental plant with unique foliage
  • Distinctive variegated leaves in shades of green, pink, and red
  • Compact size makes it perfect for indoor decor
  • Low-maintenance and adaptable to different environments


The Aglaonema siam aurora, also known as Aglaonema Pink  lipstick and Chinese Evergreen, is an enchanting ornamental plant with a captivating history. Originating from Southeast Asia, it has gained popularity for its striking variegated leaves that showcase shades of green, pink, and red. This lovely plant has become a favorite for indoor decoration due to its unique foliage and adaptability.

Grow Instructions:

Cultivating the Aglaonema siam aurora is a delightful endeavor, and it can thrive with proper care and attention. Follow these key guidelines for successful growth:

  1. Light: Provide bright, indirect sunlight to maintain the vibrant leaf colors. Avoid exposing the plant to harsh, direct sunlight.
  2. Water: Keep the soil evenly moist but not waterlogged. Water when the top inch of soil feels slightly dry.
  3. Soil: Plant in well-draining potting mix with good organic content for optimal growth.
  4. Temperature: Maintain a room temperature between 65-75 °F (18-24 °C) for best results. Protect the plant from cold drafts.
  5. Fertilization: Feed with a balanced liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (spring and summer).

Care Instructions:

Maintaining your Aglaonema siam aurora is relatively simple with these care instructions:

  • Prune to remove yellowing or damaged leaves and to maintain an attractive, bushy appearance.
  • Regularly wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust and maintain their vibrant colors.
  • Monitor for pests such as spider mites or mealybugs and take appropriate measures for pest control if necessary.


Aglaonema siam aurora is primarily grown as an ornamental plant due to its stunning foliage:

  • Ornamental: This plant adds a touch of elegance to indoor spaces, including homes, offices, and gardens, with its striking variegated leaves and low-maintenance care requirements.
  • Medicinal: While not typically used for medicinal purposes, some believe that Aglaonema plants can help purify indoor air by filtering out pollutants.
  • Culinary: Aglaonema siam aurora is not consumed as a culinary plant and is primarily valued for its decorative qualities.

Fun Facts

1. "A Touch of Elegance: Aglaonema Siam Aurora Unveiled"

Introducing the Aglaonema Siam Aurora, a plant that's as stunning as a sunset in Bangkok! Get ready to add a touch of tropical elegance to your space with this beauty.

2. "Lipstick Plant: The Bold and Beautiful Housemate"

The Aglaonema Lipstick Plant is like the bold lipstick you never knew your room needed. With vibrant leaves that make a statement, it's time to let your space express your style.

3. "Small Pot, Big Impact: Aglaonema's Compact Charm"

Discover the magic of the 4-inch pot! The Aglaonema Siam Aurora and Lipstick Plant prove that size doesn't matter when it comes to bringing life and color into your home.

4. "Aglaonema Care 101: Tips and Tricks for Success"

Want your Aglaonema plants to thrive? We've got you covered! Learn the secrets to keeping your Siam Aurora and Lipstick Plant happy and healthy, even if you don't have a green thumb.

5. "Aglaonema Siam Aurora vs. Lipstick Plant: Which One's Your Match?"

It's a leaf-off showdown! Explore the unique qualities of the Aglaonema Siam Aurora and the Aglaonema Lipstick Plant to find out which one suits your personality and space best.


What is the ideal lighting condition for Aglaonema siam aurora and Aglaonema lipstick plant?

Aglaonema siam aurora and Aglaonema lipstick plants thrive in indirect, bright, and filtered sunlight. They should be placed near a window with sheer curtains or in a location that receives bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can scorch their leaves.

How often should I water these Aglaonema plants?

Watering frequency depends on environmental conditions. Generally, water them when the top inch of soil feels dry. In most indoor settings, this could be once every 1-2 weeks. Ensure the pots have proper drainage to prevent overwatering.

What type of soil is best for these plants?

Use well-draining, peat-based potting mix for your Aglaonema siam aurora and lipstick plants. A mix designed for tropical houseplants is ideal.

Are these plants suitable for beginners?

Yes, both Aglaonema siam aurora and Aglaonema lipstick plants are great choices for beginners. They are relatively low-maintenance and can tolerate occasional neglect.

Do I need to fertilize these plants, and if so, how often?

Fertilize these plants every 2-4 weeks during the growing season (spring and summer) with a balanced liquid fertilizer. Reduce fertilization in the fall and winter when growth slows down.

Can I propagate Aglaonema siam aurora and Aglaonema lipstick plants at home?

Yes, you can propagate these plants through stem cuttings. Take 4-6 inch cuttings with at least one leaf and let them root in water or soil.

How do I prevent common pests like spider mites and mealybugs?

Keep a close eye on your plants and inspect them regularly. Use a neem oil solution to treat and prevent infestations. Isolating new plants for a few weeks can also help prevent introducing pests.

What is the preferred temperature range for these Aglaonema varieties?

Aglaonema siam aurora and Aglaonema lipstick plants prefer temperatures between 65-80°F (18-27°C). Avoid exposing them to temperatures below 50°F (10°C).

Can I place these plants outdoors during the summer months?

You can move them outdoors to a shaded or partially shaded area during the summer, but ensure they are protected from direct sunlight and strong winds.

Should I prune these plants, and if so, how?

Pruning is not necessary, but you can trim leggy or yellowing leaves to maintain a neat appearance. Use clean, sharp scissors or pruning shears.

Can I grow these Aglaonema varieties in offices with artificial lighting?

Yes, they can thrive under bright, indirect artificial lighting, making them suitable for office environments.

Do these plants flower, and how can I encourage flowering?

While Aglaonema siam aurora and Aglaonema lipstick plants can produce small, inconspicuous flowers, they are primarily grown for their attractive foliage. Flowering is rare indoors, and it is not a common goal for these plants. To encourage flowering, provide optimal care conditions, but don't be disappointed if they do not bloom frequently.

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Easy Assembly

Assembly was a breeze with this plant. I didn't need any special tools, and the included instructions made it a straightforward process.

Harbajan Singh
Unique and Stylish

Looking for a unique and stylish plant? Look no further! This plant not only adds a pop of greenery to my home but also serves as a stylish decor piece.

Great for Plant Beginners

For those new to plant parenting, this one is great for beginners. It is forgiving and adapts well to different environments, making it an easy choice.

Kamlesh pandya Pandya
Year-Round Beauty

I appreciate that this plant provides year-round beauty. Even in the winter months, it maintains its vibrant colors and adds life to the surroundings.

Sam Kum
Pet-Friendly Option

For pet owners, this plant is a great choice. It's non-toxic to pets, and I don't have to worry about my furry friends getting into any trouble.