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Coco peat block - 600 g (Expands Up to 5 - 8 L)

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Introducing our Coco Peat Block - 600 g, an essential addition to your gardening toolkit! This versatile and eco-friendly product will transform your gardening experience. Read on to discover its many benefits and uses.

Product Highlights:

  • Weight: 600 grams.
  • Expands up to 5 - 8 liters of nutrient-rich growing medium
  • 100% natural and sustainable
  • Free from harmful chemicals and additives
  • Retains moisture effectively
  • Improves soil aeration and drainage
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor gardening
  • Compact and easy to store

Our Coco Peat Block is the go-to choice for gardeners who care about the environment and want to achieve optimal plant growth. Made from coconut coir, this block is a renewable resource that helps reduce waste while enhancing your garden's vitality.

Importance in Gardening:

Coco peat is a game-changer in gardening because it offers superior water retention and aeration properties. It prevents soil compaction, allowing plant roots to breathe and grow freely. This rich organic medium is pH-balanced and naturally resistant to pests and diseases, promoting healthy plant development.


Our Coco Peat Block can be used for a wide range of gardening applications, including:

  • Seed starting
  • Potting and transplanting
  • Amending garden beds
  • Indoor and outdoor container gardening
  • Creating custom soil mixes

With its convenient compact size and exceptional expansion capacity, this block provides excellent value for your gardening needs. Start reaping the benefits of this eco-friendly growing medium today!

Fun Facts

1. "Coco Peat Block: The Marvel of Expansion!"

Discover how this 900g Coco Peat Block transforms into a whopping 8-14 liters of lush, moisture-retentive growing medium, making it a gardener's dream come true!

2. "Unearth the Eco-Friendly Magic of Coco Peat!"

Explore the sustainable side of gardening with Coco Peat Block, a renewable, organic alternative that's perfect for plant lovers and the planet.

3. "Coco Peat Block: A Grower's Best Kept Secret!"

Learn why experienced gardeners swear by Coco Peat Block's ability to improve soil structure, enhance root development, and boost plant growth.

4. "From Compact to Captivating: Coco Peat's Expansion Tale!"

Witness the mesmerizing expansion of Coco Peat Block as it unfolds, proving that big surprises can come from small packages!

5. "Coco Peat Block: Making Gardening a Breeze!"

Find out how this lightweight, easy-to-use Coco Peat Block revolutionizes gardening by simplifying soil preparation and ensuring healthier, happier plants.


What is Coco Peat Block and how does it work?

Coco Peat Block, also known as coir pith or coconut coir, is a natural and eco-friendly growing medium made from coconut husks. It's compressed into blocks for easy storage and transportation. When you add water, the block expands to 8-14 liters of fluffy, moisture-retaining, and well-draining growing media. It's an excellent choice for gardening and horticultural purposes, as it promotes healthy root growth and provides essential nutrients to plants.

Is Coco Peat Block suitable for all types of plants?

Yes, Coco Peat Blocks are versatile and suitable for a wide range of plants, including vegetables, herbs, ornamental plants, and more. It's especially beneficial for plants that require well-aerated and moisture-retentive soil.

How do I use Coco Peat Block?

To use Coco Peat Block, simply place it in a container, add water, and allow it to expand. Once expanded, fluff it up with your hands, and it's ready to use as a growing medium or soil amendment. Adjust the water quantity to achieve the desired moisture level for your plants.

Can I use Coco Peat Block for hydroponics or aquaponics?

Yes, Coco Peat Blocks can be used in hydroponic and aquaponic systems. They provide excellent support for plant roots and help maintain the right balance of moisture and oxygen required for these systems.

Is Coco Peat Block pH balanced?

Coco Peat Blocks typically have a slightly acidic to neutral pH, making them suitable for most plants. However, it's a good practice to check and adjust the pH if necessary based on your specific plant's requirements.

Are there any additives or chemicals in Coco Peat Block?

Our Coco Peat Blocks are 100% natural and free from additives or chemicals. They are safe for organic gardening and promote healthy plant growth.

How long does Coco Peat Block last?

Coco Peat Blocks have a long shelf life when stored in a cool, dry place. They can last for several years without losing their effectiveness.

Can I reuse Coco Peat Block?

Yes, you can reuse Coco Peat Block for multiple growing cycles by simply rehydrating it and fluffing it up before each use.

Is Coco Peat Block environmentally friendly?

Yes, Coco Peat Blocks are environmentally friendly as they are made from renewable coconut husk fibers. They are a sustainable alternative to peat moss and help reduce the environmental impact of gardening.

Can Coco Peat Block be used for seed starting?

Yes, Coco Peat Blocks are excellent for seed starting. Their fine texture provides a conducive environment for germination, and the moisture-retentive properties help young seedlings thrive.

Where can I buy Coco Peat Block - 900 g?

You can purchase Coco Peat Block - 900 g from our official website or authorized retailers near you. Check our website for a list of our retail partners and online stores.

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