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Coco Peat Block - 4 kg (Expands Up to 60 - 70 L)

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Product Highlights:

  • Coco Peat Block - 4 kg (Expands Up to 60 - 70 L)
  • High-quality and eco-friendly growing medium
  • Retains moisture and improves soil aeration
  • Perfect for seed starting, potting, and amending garden soil
  • Expands significantly when hydrated

The Coco Peat Block, weighing 4 kg and expanding up to 60 - 70 liters, is a versatile and eco-friendly growing medium that's a game-changer for your gardening endeavors.

Importance in Gardening: Gardening success starts with the right soil, and Coco Peat plays a crucial role in achieving optimal plant growth. This block is made from high-quality coconut coir, a renewable resource. It not only retains moisture effectively but also enhances soil aeration, providing the ideal environment for plant roots to thrive. Whether you're starting seeds, potting plants, or amending garden soil, Coco Peat is a must-have for any gardener.

Uses: The Coco Peat Block is incredibly versatile. When hydrated, it expands significantly, making it an economical choice. Use it for seed starting, potting indoor and outdoor plants, or amending garden soil to improve water retention and aeration. It's an eco-friendly alternative to traditional peat moss and promotes healthy root development and overall plant health.

Elevate your gardening game with the Coco Peat Block. This eco-friendly, high-quality growing medium will help you create the perfect soil conditions for your plants. Whether you're a novice or experienced gardener, this Coco Peat Block is a must-have addition to your gardening supplies. Order yours today and watch your plants thrive.

Fun Facts

Coco Peat Block - Your Garden's Secret Weapon

The Magic of Coco Peat:

Unleash the magic of coco peat! It's not just a block; it's the secret ingredient that transforms your soil into a nutrient-rich, moisture-retaining wonderland.

Expanding Possibilities:

Watch it expand! This coco peat block isn't just compact; it's a powerhouse that swells up to 60-70 liters, offering endless possibilities for your garden's growth.

Soil Savior:

Your garden's savior is here. This coco peat block isn't just a product; it's the hero that revitalizes tired soil, giving your plants the best foundation for success.

Green Thumb's Choice:

Every green thumb's choice, this coco peat isn't just gardening; it's a lifestyle. It's the eco-friendly, water-saving, plant-loving choice for a thriving garden.

Garden's Best Friend:

Your garden's best friend is a block away. This coco peat block isn't just an addition; it's the trusted ally that ensures your garden flourishes with beauty and vitality.


What is a Coco Peat Block - 4 kg (Expands Up to 60 - 70 L)?

A Coco Peat Block is a compressed brick of coconut coir, a natural and eco-friendly growing medium. It is a sustainable alternative to traditional soil and is widely used in gardening and horticulture. When hydrated, this 4 kg block expands to an impressive 60-70 liters of fluffy, moisture-retentive coco peat.

What are the benefits of using a Coco Peat Block in Indian gardening?

Coco Peat Blocks offer several advantages for Indian gardeners. They have excellent water retention properties, reducing the need for frequent watering in India's hot climate. They also enhance aeration, promoting healthy root growth. Coco peat is pH-neutral, making it suitable for a wide range of plants. Furthermore, it's organic and sustainable, contributing to eco-friendly gardening practices.

Can Coco Peat Blocks be used for indoor gardening in India?

Yes, Coco Peat Blocks are suitable for indoor gardening in India. They provide excellent moisture retention and aeration, ensuring your indoor plants thrive. Their lightweight nature is also convenient for indoor applications.

How long does a Coco Peat Block last in Indian conditions?

A Coco Peat Block can last for several years in Indian conditions, depending on usage and maintenance. It remains effective as a growing medium as long as it is properly cared for and not contaminated.

Are there different sizes of Coco Peat Blocks available?

Yes, Coco Peat Blocks come in various sizes to meet different gardening needs. The 4 kg block is a popular choice for its versatility.

Is any special maintenance required for Coco Peat Blocks?

Coco Peat Blocks require minimal maintenance. Ensure they are adequately hydrated and store them in a dry place to prevent mold growth. You can reuse coco peat by renewing its moisture content as needed.

Where can I purchase a Coco Peat Block - 4 kg (Expands Up to 60 - 70 L) in India?

For high-quality Coco Peat Blocks in India, turn to Metronursery, a trusted supplier of gardening products known for its quality and reliability.

Can Coco Peat Blocks be used for hydroponics in India?

Yes, Coco Peat Blocks are a popular choice for hydroponic gardening in India. They provide an excellent substrate for hydroponic systems, promoting healthy plant growth without soil.

What types of plants are suitable for Coco Peat Blocks in India?

Coco Peat Blocks are versatile and can be used for a wide range of plants, including vegetables, ornamentals, herbs, and more, making them an excellent choice for Indian gardeners.

Are Coco Peat Blocks eco-friendly?

Yes, Coco Peat Blocks are eco-friendly and sustainable. They are made from renewable coconut coir, reducing the environmental impact of gardening practices in India.

Do Coco Peat Blocks attract pests or insects?

Coco Peat Blocks are naturally resistant to pests and insects, making them a reliable choice for pest-free gardening in India.

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