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Cypress (Golden) Plant in 16 inch (40 cm) Pot

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Synonyms: Golden Cypress, Cupressus macrocarpa 'Goldcrest Wilma', Lemon Scented Monterey Cypress

Product Highlights
  • Beautiful Golden Cypress plant with vibrant, aromatic foliage
  • Comes in a 16 inch (40 cm) pot, ready to make a striking statement in your outdoor decor
  • Thrives in well-lit areas and adds a refreshing lemon scent to your garden
  • Low-maintenance and adaptable to various outdoor environments


The Golden Cypress, also known as Cupressus macrocarpa 'Goldcrest Wilma,' is celebrated for its vibrant, aromatic foliage. This cypress variety is a cultivar of the Monterey Cypress and is prized for its ornamental value and refreshing lemon scent.

Grow Instructions

To ensure the well-being of your Golden Cypress, plant it in well-draining soil and place it in a sunny location. It thrives in well-lit areas and enjoys full sun exposure.

Care Instructions

  • Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged, especially during the growing season.
  • Prune as needed to maintain its desired shape and remove any dead or yellowing foliage.
  • Apply a slow-release fertilizer in the spring to support healthy growth.
  • Repot when necessary to provide more space for root development.


The Golden Cypress plant serves various purposes, including:

  • Ornamental Charm: Enhance your outdoor decor with its vibrant and aromatic foliage.
  • Aromatic Garden: Enjoy the refreshing lemon scent that this plant brings to your garden.
  • Privacy Screen: Create a natural, visually appealing privacy screen in your outdoor space.

Fun Facts

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What is a Cypress (Golden) Plant, and why is it popular in India?

The Cypress (Golden) Plant, known for its vibrant golden foliage, is a favored ornamental plant in India. It's cherished for its stunning appearance and ability to enhance gardens and landscapes.

How should I care for my Cypress (Golden) Plant in a 16-inch pot?

To care for your Cypress (Golden) in a 16-inch pot, place it in full sun, water it regularly but allow the top inch of soil to dry between waterings. Use well-draining soil and prune as needed to maintain shape.

Can I keep a Cypress (Golden) Plant indoors?

Cypress (Golden) is primarily an outdoor plant and may not thrive indoors. It's best suited for gardens, patios, or outdoor spaces.

How often should I water my Cypress (Golden) in a pot?

Water your Cypress (Golden) regularly to maintain consistent soil moisture. During hot and dry periods, you may need to water more frequently.

Is there a specific soil mix I should use for Cypress (Golden) in a pot?

Select well-draining soil to prevent waterlogged roots. A blend of garden soil and sand can be suitable for this plant.

When should I fertilize my Cypress (Golden) in a pot?

Fertilize your Cypress (Golden) in the growing season (spring and summer) with a balanced liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks to promote healthy growth and vibrant foliage.

Do Cypress (Golden) plants require pruning?

Pruning helps maintain the plant's shape and encourage denser growth. Trim back overgrown branches or foliage as needed.

Are Cypress (Golden) plants safe for pets?

Cypress (Golden) plants are generally safe for pets. However, it's a good practice to prevent pets from chewing on plants.

What is the ideal temperature range for this plant?

Cypress (Golden) thrives in a range of temperatures, but it's sensitive to extremely cold weather. Protect it during frost and freezing conditions.

Are there any common pests or diseases to watch out for?

Common pests include aphids, spider mites, and scale insects. Regularly inspect your plant and use appropriate control measures.

How can I encourage vibrant golden foliage in my Cypress (Golden) Plant?

To maintain the striking golden color, ensure your plant receives ample sunlight and proper watering. Pruning can also help maintain its shape and enhance appearance.

Can I place my Cypress (Golden) in a shaded area?

Cypress (Golden) plants prefer full sun to maintain their golden color. While they can tolerate some shade, they may not exhibit the same vibrant foliage in shaded conditions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
sridevi manikandan
Perfect Desk Companion

I placed this plant on my desk, and it has become the perfect companion during long work hours. The presence of nature helps reduce stress and enhances productivity.

Nisha Bheda
Beautiful Addition

I bought this plant a month ago and it has been a beautiful addition to my home. The vibrant colors and lush foliage make it a standout piece in any room.

Rani Dsouza
Eye-Catching Foliage

The foliage on this plant is truly eye-catching. It has become the focal point of my living room, and I love how it draws attention.

RaviKiran Durvasula
Impressive Leaf Size

I am impressed by the size of the leaves on this plant. Each leaf is a statement piece, and together, they create a lush and tropical feel.

Pipitoli Sumi
Intricate Leaf Patterns

The intricate leaf patterns on this plant make it a work of art. It is like having a living masterpiece that constantly evolves and captivates.