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GROW ME FAST (Flowering Plant Growth Booster Spray) - 500 ml

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Original price ₹ 399
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₹ 399
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Grow Me Fast is a flowering plant growth promoter which is also a stimulant that serves as an organic fertizer to increase plant growth and bring while enhancing plant health.

It prevents the falng of fruits and flowers. It enhances vegetative growth, flower quaty, the color of the leaves, and the latex.

It boosts plant nutrients to resist pest disease in plant maturation without interfering with their natural processes.

It empowers flowers with a necessary number of stalks while tillering in order to have quaty produce. variables that influence tillering.

The Benefits of Grow Me Fast

  • Improves plant quaty in flowers and fruits.
  • Promotes plant growth and vigour.
  • Generates resistance against abiotic & biotic stress.
  • Helps to increase weight, size, color, and brings the glaze on fruits and flowers.
  • Boosts the photosynthesis rate & metabosm the activity of the plant.
Direction For Use
  • Shake well before spray.
  • Unlock the nozzle and spray uniformly on plant leaves.
  • Spray directly on the plant, no need to dilute further.
  • For best results, spray twice a week. Suitable for all types of Indoor & Outdoor plants.

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Plants was not good

Jasmine plant is dead in one day. All leaves are dry