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Kalanchoe (Pink) Plant in 5 inch (13 cm) Pot

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Synonyms: Kalanchoe, Flaming Katy, Christmas Kalanchoe, Widow's-thrill

Product Highlights:

  • Charming and vibrant succulent plant
  • Clusters of colorful flowers
  • Perfect for brightening up indoor spaces
  • Low maintenance and long-lasting blooms


The Kalanchoe, also known as Flaming Katy, Christmas Kalanchoe, or Widow's-thrill, is a delightful succulent plant native to Madagascar. It has been cherished for its vivid, long-lasting blooms and ease of care, making it a favorite choice for indoor gardens and floral displays.

Grow Instructions:

Plant your Kalanchoe in well-draining soil and place it in bright, indirect sunlight. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings, as Kalanchoes are drought-tolerant succulents. Avoid overwatering, as it can lead to root rot.

Care Instructions:

Maintain a room temperature between 60-85°F (15-29°C) for optimal growth. Fertilize sparingly during the growing season to encourage flowering. Prune or deadhead spent blooms to promote new flower buds. Kalanchoes are known for their ability to rebloom and provide long-lasting color.


The Kalanchoe plant has versatile uses:

  • Ornamental: Brighten up your home with its vibrant and charming clusters of flowers, which can last for weeks.
  • Gifts: Kalanchoes make wonderful gifts for special occasions and holidays due to their festive appearance.
  • Medicinal: Some species of Kalanchoe are used in traditional medicine for their potential health benefits.

Bring a touch of color and joy to your indoor spaces with the Kalanchoe plant. Order yours today and enjoy the enduring beauty it adds to your home or as a thoughtful gift.

Fun Facts

Pretty in Pink: The Kalanchoe Chronicles

Meet the Kalanchoe in its dainty 5-inch pot, the pint-sized wonder that proves great things come in small packages. It's pink, petite, and ready to steal your heart!

The Kalanchoe Confessions: Tales from the Tiny Pot

Join us on a journey through the secret life of the Kalanchoe. From its cozy pot to its vibrant pink blossoms, it's a story of resilience and charm in miniature form.

Kalanchoe's Pot Primer: Thriving in Compact Quarters

Discover the secrets of keeping your Kalanchoe happy in its 5-inch abode. From watering tips to sunlight preferences, it's a crash course in pot-sized horticulture!

Kalanchoe's Pink Parade: A Blossom Extravaganza

Prepare to be dazzled by the Kalanchoe's vibrant pink display. It may be small, but its blossoms are big on impact. It's a parade of pink you won't want to miss!

Kalanchoe's 5-Inch Pot Revival: A Botanical Fairytale

Witness the transformation as the Kalanchoe outgrows its 5-inch pot and flourishes into a botanical wonder. It's a story of growth, resilience, and blooming success!


What is a Kalanchoe (Pink) plant, and why is it offered in a 5-inch (13 cm) pot?

Kalanchoe (Pink) is a delightful succulent plant known for its vibrant pink flowers and attractive, fleshy leaves. It is often provided in a 5-inch (13 cm) pot as this size allows the plant to establish roots and flourish while still being manageable for indoor spaces.

How should I care for my Kalanchoe (Pink) plant in a 5-inch pot?

Kalanchoe (Pink) thrives in bright, indirect sunlight. Water it thoroughly when the top inch of soil feels dry and ensure the pot has proper drainage. Avoid overwatering, as succulents are drought-tolerant.

Can I repot my Kalanchoe (Pink) into a larger container?

Yes, as your Kalanchoe grows, you can repot it into a larger pot. Wait until it outgrows the 5-inch pot and choose a container with adequate drainage. Repotting is typically needed every 1-2 years.

Is it suitable for outdoor cultivation in India?

Kalanchoe (Pink) is well-suited for outdoor cultivation in India, especially in regions with a mild climate. It can be placed in a sunny to partially shaded outdoor area.

What's the ideal temperature range for Kalanchoe (Pink)?

Kalanchoe (Pink) prefers temperatures between 60°F to 85°F (15°C to 29°C). Protect it from extreme heat or cold, as it is sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Is humidity a concern for my Kalanchoe (Pink) plant?

Kalanchoe (Pink) is not particularly sensitive to humidity levels. It can adapt to average indoor humidity levels without issues.

How often should I fertilize my Kalanchoe (Pink) in a 5-inch pot?

Fertilize your Kalanchoe (Pink) every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (spring and summer) with a balanced, diluted succulent fertilizer. Reduce feeding during the dormant season (fall and winter).

Can I propagate my Kalanchoe (Pink) at home?

Yes, Kalanchoe (Pink) can be propagated from stem or leaf cuttings. Allow the cuttings to callus for a day or two, then plant them in well-draining soil. New plants will develop from these cuttings.

What are some common pests and diseases that affect Kalanchoe (Pink)?

Keep an eye out for pests like mealybugs and aphids. Ensure good air circulation and avoid overwatering to prevent fungal issues. Promptly treat any pest infestations with suitable remedies.

How can I create an attractive display with my Kalanchoe (Pink) plant?

Consider using decorative pots or arrangements and placing your Kalanchoe (Pink) alongside other succulents or indoor plants. Proper care, positioning, and aesthetics will enhance the visual appeal of your plant display.

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Chakmaan Pradhan
Sturdy and Durable

This plant is surprisingly sturdy and durable. It has withstood a few accidental bumps, and the leaves remain intact. A resilient addition to any space.

Shoaib Ahmed
Unique Variegation

The unique variegation on the leaves sets this plant apart. It is a showstopper with its intricate patterns and vibrant colors.

Panna Kishan
Cascading Beauty

Experience cascading beauty with this plant. Its trailing vines add a dynamic and flowing element to the decor, creating a captivating display.

Jyoti Panchal
Unique Variegation

The unique variegation on the leaves sets this plant apart. It is a showstopper with its intricate patterns and vibrant colors.

Zeya Ahmed
Calming Presence

Experience the calming presence of this plant. It is like having a natural therapy session at home, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.