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Portulaca, 10 O Clock (Any Color, Hanging Basket) - Plant

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Synonyms: Portulaca, 10 O'Clock Plant, Moss Rose

Product Highlights:
  • Colorful and low-growing annual flowering plant
  • Vibrant, cup-shaped blooms that open in the morning
  • Perfect for ground cover, containers, or hanging baskets
  • Low maintenance and a symbol of cheerful, summer beauty


The Portulaca, commonly known as the "10 O'Clock" plant or Moss Rose, is celebrated for its colorful and low-growing nature. Its name "10 O'Clock" comes from the habit of its vibrant, cup-shaped blooms opening in the morning and closing in the afternoon. This annual flowering plant is cherished for its cheerful, summer beauty.

Grow Instructions:

Plant your Portulaca in well-draining soil and provide it with full sunlight. Water sparingly, as it is drought-tolerant, and allow the soil to dry between waterings. Portulaca is perfect for ground cover, containers, or hanging baskets and thrives in warm, sunny conditions.

Care Instructions:

Maintain a sunny and well-drained environment for the plant. Pruning is generally not required, but deadheading spent blooms can encourage continuous flowering. Portulaca is known for its low maintenance and its significance as a symbol of cheerful, summer beauty.


The Portulaca plant has versatile uses:

  • Ground Cover: Create colorful ground cover in gardens or landscapes with its vibrant and low-growing foliage and blooms.
  • Container Gardens: Ideal for containers or hanging baskets, adding a burst of color and charm to patios and balconies.
  • Summer Beauty: Symbolizes the cheerfulness and beauty of summer, making it a popular choice for seasonal displays.

Experience the cheerful and summer beauty of the Portulaca plant in your outdoor spaces. Order yours today and enjoy the vibrant blooms that brighten your garden or containers.

Fun Facts

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What is Portulaca, 10 O'Clock plant, and how do I care for it in India?

Portulaca, also known as the 10 O'Clock plant, is a vibrant and low-maintenance succulent that thrives in India's warm climate. To care for it, provide well-drained soil, ample sunlight, and water sparingly to prevent root rot.

Can I grow Portulaca in hanging baskets in India?

Absolutely! Portulacas are well-suited for hanging baskets in India. Their trailing growth habit and colorful blooms make them perfect for adding a pop of color to your hanging garden.

How often should I water my Portulaca in hanging baskets?

Water your Portulaca when the top inch of soil feels dry. In India's hot climate, you may need to water them more frequently, but be cautious not to overwater, as these plants prefer drier conditions.

What is the best location for my Portulaca hanging basket in India?

Place your hanging basket where it can receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. These sun-loving plants thrive in full sun and produce more vibrant blooms under such conditions.

Do Portulacas require any special fertilization in India?

A balanced, water-soluble fertilizer can be applied every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (spring and summer). However, avoid excessive fertilization, as it can lead to leggy growth.

How do I deadhead or prune my Portulaca for continuous blooms?

Deadheading, or removing spent flowers, encourages continuous blooming. Simply pinch off the faded flowers to promote new bud formation.

Are there any pests or diseases I should watch out for when growing Portulaca in India?

Portulacas are generally hardy, but keep an eye out for aphids and mealybugs. Treat any infestations promptly with neem oil or insecticidal soap.

Can I propagate Portulaca from cuttings?

Yes, Portulacas can be propagated from stem cuttings. Allow the cut ends to callus for a day or two, then plant them in well-draining soil. Keep them in a warm, bright location until they root.

What are the different colors of Portulaca available for hanging baskets in India?

Portulacas come in a wide range of vibrant colors, including red, pink, orange, yellow, and white. You can mix and match these colors to create a visually stunning hanging basket.

Should I bring my Portulaca hanging basket indoors during the monsoon season in India?

It's advisable to protect your Portulaca from heavy rains and waterlogging during the monsoon. Consider moving the hanging basket to a sheltered location or providing overhead cover to prevent excess moisture.

Can Portulaca be grown alongside other plants in the same hanging basket in India?

Portulacas can be combined with other drought-tolerant, sun-loving plants in the same hanging basket. Ensure that the companion plants have similar care requirements to maintain healthy growth.

How do I revive a wilting or stressed Portulaca plant in India?

If your Portulaca appears stressed or wilting, adjust its watering schedule to avoid overwatering. Trim back any damaged or leggy growth, and ensure it receives adequate sunlight to help it recover and thrive.

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Seemadevi Patil
Grows with Personality

Watch as this plant grows with personality. Each new leaf adds character, making it a delightful journey to witness its development over time.

Jitendra Kumar
Lovely Foliage

The foliage on this plant is absolutely lovely. Each leaf is a work of art. It's a joy to wake up to such beauty every morning.

Antony Terrence
Stunning Foliage Display

The stunning foliage display of this plant is unmatched. It adds a touch of drama and sophistication to any room.

Subhamoy Dutta
Refreshing Atmosphere

The presence of this plant creates a refreshing atmosphere in my home. It purifies the air and adds a natural element to my living space.

Sujoy Bhattacharya
Refreshing Atmosphere

The presence of this plant creates a refreshing atmosphere in my home. It purifies the air and adds a natural element to my living space.