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Syngonium (Pink) Plant in 4 inch (10 cm) Pot

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Synonyms: Arrowhead Plant

Product Highlights:

  • Distinctive pink and green variegated leaves
  • Conveniently potted in a 4-inch (10 cm) pot for easy display
  • Perfect for indoor settings, adding a pop of color
  • Air-purifying qualities promote healthier indoor air


The history of the Syngonium, or Arrowhead Plant, traces back to tropical regions of Central and South America. Its unique arrow-shaped leaves have made it a popular choice among indoor plant enthusiasts, both for its aesthetics and air-purifying properties.

Grow Instructions:

To ensure successful growth, plant your Syngonium in well-draining potting mix and place it in an area with bright, indirect sunlight. While it can tolerate low light conditions, it thrives with a bit of indirect sunlight. Water the plant when the top inch of soil feels dry, and ensure that excess water drains from the pot. Avoid overwatering to prevent root rot. Fertilize with a balanced, liquid houseplant fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (spring and summer).

Care Instructions:

Maintaining the Syngonium is straightforward. Prune it occasionally to encourage bushier growth and remove any yellowing or damaged leaves. Keep the plant away from drafts and extreme temperatures. This versatile plant can be grown in various settings, from pots and hanging baskets to terrariums.


The Syngonium, or Arrowhead Plant, serves various purposes:

  • Ornamental: Its pink and green variegated leaves make it an attractive choice for interior decor, providing a pop of color and elegance to your living space.
  • Medicinal: While primarily grown for ornamental purposes, some cultures believe in the potential medicinal properties of the Syngonium, although it is not commonly used in modern medicine.
  • Culinary: The Syngonium is not used in cooking.

Elevate your indoor space with the Syngonium Plant in a 4-inch (10 cm) pot. Order yours today and enjoy the unique beauty and air-purifying qualities it brings to your home!

Fun Facts

Pretty in Pink: Syngonium's Delightful Tale

Enter the charming world of Syngonium, where shades of pink steal the show. Get ready for a plant tale that's as pretty as it is captivating.

Pink Elegance in a Tiny Package: Syngonium

Discover the elegance of Syngonium in a compact 4-inch pot. These pink beauties redefine your plant game with style and grace.

Cultivating Syngonium: Pink Magic in the Making

Learn the art of nurturing Syngonium in a 4-inch pot and embark on a colorful journey that transforms your space into a pink paradise.

Syngonium's Pink Palette: A Blooming Showdown

Join the epic battle of pink blooms as Syngonium plants in 4-inch pots compete for the title of the most stunning garden residents. The result? A floral spectacle!

Syngonium: Your Pink Oasis in the Jungle

Get ready to create a pink oasis in your indoor jungle with Syngonium plants in 4-inch pots. These pink gems will infuse your space with elegance and charm.


What is a Syngonium Pink Plant in a 4-inch (10 cm) Pot, and how do I care for it?

The Syngonium Pink, a delightful houseplant, is known for its attractive pinkish leaves. To care for it, place it in bright, indirect sunlight, water moderately when the top inch of soil dries out, and maintain well-draining soil.

Can I grow Syngonium Pink indoors in India?

Yes, Syngonium Pink is an excellent choice for indoor cultivation in India. It thrives in indoor conditions with proper care.

What type of soil is ideal for Syngonium Pink in a 4-inch Pot?

Syngonium Pink prefers well-draining, peat-based soil. You can use a mix of regular potting soil with perlite or sand to enhance drainage.

How often should I water my Syngonium Pink Plant?

Water your Syngonium Pink moderately. Allow the top inch of soil to dry between waterings, typically every 7-10 days, but adjust based on environmental factors.

Is fertilization necessary for this plant?

Yes, occasional fertilization benefits Syngonium Pink. Feed it with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (spring and summer) to promote healthy growth.

Can I prune or trim my Syngonium Pink for better growth?

Pruning and trimming can help maintain the shape and encourage bushier growth. Trim back leggy stems and prune selectively to achieve your desired appearance.

Are there common pests or diseases that affect Syngonium plants?

Syngoniums are generally resistant to pests and diseases. However, they may attract spider mites or mealybugs. Inspect your plant regularly and use neem oil or insecticidal soap as needed.

Can I propagate my Syngonium Pink Plant?

Yes, Syngoniums can be propagated through stem cuttings. Take a healthy stem cutting with at least one node, let it callus for a day, and then plant it in well-draining soil. It will develop roots and grow into a new plant.

How long does it take for Syngonium Pink to grow and thrive?

Syngoniums are relatively fast growers and will establish well in a few months with proper care. Growth rate may vary based on conditions and care.

What is the ideal temperature range for Syngonium Pink?

Syngonium Pink prefers temperatures between 70°F to 85°F (21°C to 29°C). Protect it from drafts and extreme cold.

Can I place my Syngonium Pink in low-light conditions?

While Syngoniums can tolerate low light, they thrive in bright, indirect sunlight. For optimal leaf color and growth, provide them with at least moderate indirect light.

How do I prevent overwatering and ensure proper drainage in a 4-inch Pot?

To prevent overwatering, use well-draining soil and let the top inch of soil dry out between waterings. Ensure that the pot has proper drainage holes to allow excess water to escape and avoid waterlogging.

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