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Winter Special Top 4 Air Purifier Plants Pack

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Original price ₹ 1,413
Original price ₹ 1,413
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₹ 464
Current price ₹ 464
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Product Highlights:

  • Four powerful air-purifying plants
  • Perfect for the winter season
  • Enhances indoor air quality
  • Brings greenery to your space

Pack includes:

  • Peace Lily - Plant In Pot - 4" (10 cm) | Height - upto 1' (30 cm)
  • Aglaonema Siam Aurora, - Plant In 4" (10 cm) | Height - upto 1' (30 cm)
  • Syngonium Podophyllum Silver Pearl-Plant In Pot- 4"(10cm)|Height -upto 1'(30cm)
  • Areca Palm - Plant In Pot - 4" (10 cm) | Height - upto 1' (30 cm)


Indulge in the charm of these top air-purifying plants, specially selected for the winter season:

  • Peace Lily: Renowned for its elegant white blooms and air-purifying qualities, the Peace Lily thrives even in low light conditions.
  • Jasminum sambac: The enchanting fragrance of the Jasmine Sambac combines with its air-purifying properties to create a delightful atmosphere.
  • Syngonium Podophyllum Silver Pearl: With its attractive foliage, this Syngonium variety adds an aesthetic touch while cleansing the air.
  • Areca Palm: Also known as the Butterfly Palm, this plant is a natural air humidifier and enhances indoor air quality.

Why it's important for you:

During the winter season, indoor air can become stagnant and filled with pollutants. These air-purifying plants not only refresh your living space but also remove harmful toxins and boost humidity. Embrace cleaner, fresher air and enjoy the green companionship during the colder months.

How to Care:

Caring for these air-purifying plants is a breeze:

  • Place them in well-draining pots with indirect sunlight.
  • Water them moderately, allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings.
  • Fertilize them occasionally during the growing season.
  • Trim and prune as needed to maintain their shape and size.


These plants are perfect for indoor spaces, whether it's your home or office. Position them near windows with indirect sunlight to keep them thriving. With their air-purifying qualities, they are your allies for a healthier, fresher living environment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ajay M J
Thriving and Healthy

The plant arrived in excellent condition, and it has been thriving in my living room. It adds a touch of nature to the space, and I love how healthy it looks.

Shahid Siddiqui
Perfectly Pruned

I appreciate the attention to detail in the pruning of this plant. Each leaf looks perfect, and it enhances the overall appearance.

Debojyoti Mallick
Quick Growth

This plant grows surprisingly quickly. It's rewarding to see the progress, and the lush growth is a testament to its health.

Deepak Trivedi
Calming Presence

Experience the calming presence of this plant. It is like having a natural therapy session at home, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

A Touch of the Tropics

Bring a touch of the tropics into your home with this plant. Its exotic appearance and lush foliage transport you to a tropical paradise.