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Medium Pebbles

Result: 2 products. Let's dive into the fascinating world of pebbles. These unassuming rocks have a story to tell that spans millions of years. Shaped and smoothed by nature'. . . read more >


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    Super Marble Pebbles (White, Medium, Polished)

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    Product Highlights: Super Marble Pebbles (White, Medium, Polished) 1 kg pack Enhance your garden's ...

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    Onex Pebbles (Mix Color, Medium)

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    Product Highlights: Onex Pebbles (Mix Color, Medium) 1 kg pack Enhance your garden's visual appeal ...

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About Medium Pebbles

Let's dive into the fascinating world of pebbles. These unassuming rocks have a story to tell that spans millions of years. Shaped and smoothed by nature's patient hand, they've evolved into the versatile beauties we offer here at Metronursery.

Timeless Elegance:
Medium Pebbles are nature's artistic creations. Crafted over centuries by the gentle dance of water, each pebble boasts a unique blend of colors and patterns, ready to add a touch of timeless elegance to your outdoor spaces.

Stress Relief Straight from Nature:
Research has shown that spending time in natural environments can reduce stress and boost mental well-being. With our Medium Pebbles, you can create your own tranquil sanctuary, right in your backyard or garden.

Environmentally Responsible:
We're committed to environmental responsibility. Our pebbles are sourced with care, ensuring that natural habitats are preserved. When you choose Medium Pebbles, you're not just enhancing your landscape; you're supporting eco-friendly practices.

Versatility and Durability:
Medium Pebbles are the ultimate landscaping chameleons. Use them for pathways, garden borders, water features, or as decorative accents. These pebbles are built to withstand the elements, ensuring they'll grace your landscape for years to come.

Understated Beauty:
In a world filled with flashy options, Medium Pebbles offer a refreshing departure. Their understated beauty allows your plants and garden features to shine while still adding a touch of charm to your outdoor space.

Effortless Maintenance:
Say goodbye to the hassle of constant upkeep. Our pebbles require minimal maintenance. Just an occasional rinse, and they'll continue to exude the same natural beauty you fell in love with.

In a world of fleeting trends, Medium Pebbles stand the test of time. When you invest in our Medium Pebbles, you're not just buying landscaping materials; you're acquiring a piece of nature's history. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who've turned their outdoor spaces into works of art with our Medium Pebbles.

Transform your landscape, reduce stress, and support sustainability—all with the timeless allure of our Medium Pebbles. Shop now at Metronursery and experience the difference for yourself!

Landscaping Pebbles

Landscaping pebbles are the unsung heroes of your garden. These small, smooth stones not only add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space but also serve practical purposes. They're perfect for creating pathways, borders, or even as decorative accents in your garden.

Pebble Garden Ideas

Pebble gardens are all the rage these days. They offer a low-maintenance, visually pleasing alternative to traditional gardens. You can get creative by arranging medium pebbles in intricate patterns or using them to create focal points like Zen gardens or rockeries.

Pebble Mulch Benefits

Using medium pebbles as mulch around your plants can be a game-changer for your garden. It helps retain moisture, suppress weeds, and regulates soil temperature, making your plants thrive.

Pebble Art Projects

Medium pebbles are not just for gardens; they make fantastic art supplies too. Let your artistic side shine by painting, gluing, and arranging pebbles to create unique pieces of art that can adorn your home.

Aquarium Pebbles

If you're into fishkeeping, you'll know the importance of choosing the right substrate for your aquarium. Medium pebbles not only add a natural look to your tank but also provide a stable base for your aquatic plants.

DIY Pebble Pathways

Creating pathways in your garden using medium pebbles is a fun and cost-effective DIY project. It's a great way to add structure to your outdoor space while keeping things playful and whimsical.

Pebble Decor for Vases

Jazz up your floral arrangements by using medium pebbles as vase fillers. They add stability to your flowers while enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Pebble Flooring Options

Pebble flooring is a trendy choice for bathrooms and outdoor shower areas. It provides a unique, textured surface that's both stylish and slip-resistant.

Pebbles for Pet Aquariums

If you have a pet turtle or reptile, medium pebbles can be an excellent choice for their habitat. They mimic the natural environment and are easy to clean.

Pebble Erosion Control

Medium pebbles can help prevent soil erosion in your garden. By strategically placing them in areas prone to erosion, you can protect your landscape and maintain its beauty.


What are Medium Pebbles?

Medium pebbles are small, rounded stones typically ranging in size from 1/4 inch to 2 inches in diameter. They are popular landscaping materials known for their decorative and functional uses. At Metronursery, we offer medium pebbles in various colors and textures to enhance your garden or outdoor space's aesthetics.

How can I use Medium Pebbles in my Garden?

Medium pebbles can be used for various landscaping purposes, such as ground cover, creating pathways, decorating flower beds, and even in water features like ponds. Their versatility allows you to add texture and contrast to your landscape design while reducing weed growth and conserving soil moisture.

Do Medium Pebbles Require Maintenance?

Medium pebbles are low-maintenance. Occasionally, you may need to rake or redistribute them to maintain an even surface. We recommend installing a weed barrier fabric beneath the pebbles to minimize weed growth and keep the area looking pristine.

Are Medium Pebbles Eco-friendly?

Yes, medium pebbles are eco-friendly as they are natural stones. They don't release harmful chemicals and can be reused in other landscaping projects if needed.

Can I Walk on Medium Pebbles?

While walking on medium pebbles is possible, they are best used for areas with minimal foot traffic. For walkways and paths where people frequently walk, consider using larger stones or pavers for a more comfortable walking surface.

What is the Best Way to Install Medium Pebbles?

To install medium pebbles, prepare the area by leveling the ground, adding a weed barrier fabric, and then spreading the pebbles evenly. Ensure they are compacted for stability.

Are Medium Pebbles Suitable for Driveways?

Medium pebbles are not ideal for driveways as they may shift under the weight of vehicles. For driveways, consider using larger stones or gravel designed for vehicular traffic.

Do Medium Pebbles Attract Wildlife?

Medium pebbles can attract small wildlife like birds and insects due to their natural texture. If you want to deter wildlife, consider using larger stones or hardscape materials.

How Do I Clean Medium Pebbles?

Cleaning medium pebbles is simple. Use a garden hose or a leaf blower to remove debris and dirt. For stubborn stains, a mild detergent solution and a soft brush can be used.

Can I Mix Different Colors of Medium Pebbles?

Mixing different colors of medium pebbles can create a visually appealing landscape. Experiment with various combinations to find the look that suits your outdoor space best.

Are Medium Pebbles Resistant to Weather?

Yes, medium pebbles are weather-resistant and can withstand various weather conditions, making them suitable for year-round outdoor use.

Where Can I Buy Metronursery's Medium Pebbles?

You can purchase Metronursery's medium pebbles directly from our website or visit our physical store locations for a wide selection of colors and sizes. We offer convenient delivery options as well.