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Pink Rose

Result: 2 products. Ladies and gentlemen, lovers of pink and all things rosy, may we present to you the Pink Rose—a flower so enchanting that even flamingos would blush! Sc. . . read more >


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    Miniature Rose, Button Rose (Pink) - Plant

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    Synonyms: Button Rose, Pink Miniature Rose Product Highlights: Delicate pink roses for a romantic atmosphere Compact and suitable for small garden...

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    Rose (Pink) - Plant

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    Synonyms: Pink Rose, Rosa (Pink) Product Highlights: Elegant and delicate pink roses A symbol of love, admiration, and gratitude ...

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About Pink Rose

Ladies and gentlemen, lovers of pink and all things rosy, may we present to you the Pink Rose—a flower so enchanting that even flamingos would blush! Scientifically known as Rosa 'Tickled Pinkus,' this beauty is ready to be the star of your floral show.

1. Pretty in Pink:
Research indicates that the color pink has a unique effect on our psyche. It's associated with feelings of joy, love, and well-being. Now, imagine that in the form of a blooming Pink Rose! It's like inviting perpetual happiness into your garden.

2. Blushing Beauty:
The Pink Rose isn't just a flower; it's a blushing beauty. According to a study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, humans are naturally drawn to the color pink. It's a hue that speaks to the tender parts of our hearts, making the Pink Rose an irresistible choice for any garden.

3. The Language of Love:
The Pink Rose is often linked to expressions of love and admiration. In the Victorian era, the Language of Flowers was all the rage, and pink roses were associated with poetic notions of grace and sweetness. It's like having a poet in your garden, whispering sonnets of love to your greenery.

4. Versatile Pink:
Pink is a versatile color, and the Pink Rose is no exception. From soft pastels to vibrant fuchsias, pink comes in a spectrum of shades. Research indicates that these variations offer a range of emotions—from calmness to excitement. It's like a bouquet of moods in your garden!

5. Symbol of Hope:
In recent times, the Pink Rose has also become a symbol of hope and support. Pink ribbons and pink roses are often associated with breast cancer awareness and advocacy. It's like having a rosy beacon of hope in your garden, reminding us of the strength in unity.

So, whether you're a fan of pink lemonade or simply appreciate the rosy hues of life, the Pink Rose is here to paint your garden in the most charming shades of pink. Bring home the blushing beauty and let your garden bloom with the grace and sweetness of the Pink Rose!

Different Shades of Pink Roses

Ah, pink—the color of love and tenderness! When it comes to Pink Roses, it's not just a one-size-fits-all affair. From the softest blush to the boldest fuchsia, Pink Roses flaunt a delightful spectrum of shades. It's a garden party where every shade has its own personality, from the demure wallflower to the life-of-the-party extrovert.

Symbolism of Pink Roses

Pink Roses are not just visually charming; they come with a poetic language too. They symbolize grace, gratitude, and admiration, making them the perfect messenger for feelings that are gentle yet profound. They're the sweet whispers in the garden of emotions, expressing love and affection with every petal.

Pink Roses in Romantic Bouquets

Romance and Pink Roses—now that's a match made in floral heaven! They're the heartthrobs of romantic bouquets, adding a dash of blush and a sprinkle of fairy tale romance. Whether in a solo performance or part of a colorful ensemble, Pink Roses are the rockstars in any bouquet, serenading your loved one with floral melodies.

Caring for Pink Roses

Pink Roses, like a delicate soufflé, need just the right recipe of care. From sunlight to soil, water to fertilizer, it's a delicate dance to keep them blooming in their rosy glory. But fear not, with a little know-how, you'll be the master chef of the Pink Rose kitchen, creating the perfect floral soufflé.

Pink Roses for Weddings

Weddings and Pink Roses are a match made in matrimonial paradise! They're the eternal symbol of love, making them the go-to choice for weddings. Pink Roses in bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and adorning the venue create an ambiance that's as romantic as a Shakespearean sonnet.

Pink Roses in Art and Culture

Pink Roses aren't just confined to gardens; they've found their way into art, culture, and even the silver screen! They've been muses for painters, poets, and filmmakers alike, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of human creativity. It's a pink revolution that transcends the garden walls.

Pink Roses and Healing

Pink Roses aren't just a treat for the eyes; they can be soothing for the soul too. In the world of holistic wellness, Pink Roses are associated with healing and rejuvenation. Their gentle essence can calm a weary mind and uplift a tired spirit, making them the floral therapists of the plant world.

Pink Roses in Literature and Poetry

Ah, the poetic allure of Pink Roses! They've inspired verses, odes, and sonnets throughout literary history. From Shakespeare to Dickinson, poets have waxed eloquent about their beauty and symbolism. They're the wordsmiths' delight, adding a poetic flourish to the garden of prose.

Pink Roses and Their Fragrance

Pink Roses not only paint the garden pink, but they perfume the air too! Their fragrance is like a symphony, filling the garden with sweet, floral notes. It's a fragrance that's as charming as their delicate hues, creating a sensory feast for all who encounter them.

Arranging Pink Roses for Events

Pink Roses are the decorators' dream! When it comes to events, Pink Roses are the go-to flowers for creating stunning centerpieces, floral arrangements, and decorations. They're the design chameleons, effortlessly adapting to any theme or style, making any event a rosy affair.


What are Pink Roses, and what is their significance in India?

Pink Roses, belonging to the Rosa genus, are renowned for their delicate pink-hued petals. In India, they hold significant symbolism, representing admiration, gratitude, and affection. Pink Roses are commonly exchanged to convey heartfelt emotions and appreciation.

Can you tell us about the various shades of Pink Roses available in India?

Pink Roses come in a spectrum of shades, ranging from soft pastel pinks to deeper, vibrant pinks. These shades symbolize different emotions - light pinks signify gentleness and admiration, while deeper pinks represent gratitude and appreciation.

How can I grow Pink Roses successfully in my Indian garden, and what are their specific care requirements?

To grow Pink Roses successfully, ensure well-drained soil, at least 6-8 hours of sunlight daily, and regular watering. Pruning, deadheading, and balanced fertilization during the growing season are vital for their care and prolific blooming.

Are there different varieties of Pink Roses, and how can I choose the right one for my garden?

Yes, Pink Roses encompass various varieties, including Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, and Grandiflora, each with unique characteristics. Consider factors like climate, garden size, and personal preference when choosing the right variety for your garden.

Can I grow Pink Roses in pots or containers, and what are the essential tips for successful container gardening?

Absolutely, Pink Roses can thrive in pots or containers. Use well-draining soil, an appropriately sized container, and ensure adequate sunlight. Regular watering and suitable fertilizer application are key for successful container gardening.

How do I combat common pests and diseases that affect Pink Roses in Indian gardens?

Common pests like aphids and diseases like powdery mildew can affect Pink Roses. Integrated pest management using organic insecticides and regular inspection for diseases, coupled with proper watering and ventilation, can help control these issues.

Are Pink Roses fragrant, and what are some popular fragrant varieties in India?

Yes, Pink Roses are often fragrant, offering a delightful aroma. Fragrant Pink Rose varieties like 'Fragrant Cloud' and 'Queen Elizabeth' are popular choices in India, adding a sweet, pleasing scent to gardens.

Can I create beautiful flower arrangements using Pink Roses, and what are some creative ideas?

Pink Roses are excellent for floral arrangements. Combine them with complementary-colored flowers for contrast or blend various shades of pink for a harmonious arrangement. Add decorative fillers and greens for an attractive, visually pleasing display.

When is the best time to plant Pink Roses in India for optimal growth and blooming?

The best time to plant Pink Roses in India is during the cooler months of the year, either in autumn or early spring. Planting during these periods allows the Roses to establish roots before the hot summer months.

Can I find Pink Roses suitable for gifting or special occasions in India, and how can I make the best selection?

Certainly, Pink Roses are a popular choice for gifting in India. Choose light pink Roses to convey admiration, and deeper pink Roses to express gratitude and appreciation. A bouquet or arrangement of Pink Roses makes for a thoughtful and elegant gift.

How do I ensure a longer vase life for cut Pink Roses, especially in warm climates in India?

To extend the vase life of cut Pink Roses, cut the stems at an angle, remove excess foliage, and use a clean vase with fresh water. Change the water regularly, and keep them in a cool location away from direct sunlight and drafts.

Are there specific Pink Rose varieties suited for specific regions or climates in India?

Pink Roses are adaptable to various climates in India. However, consulting local nurseries can help you select Pink Rose varieties that thrive optimally in your region, considering temperature and humidity levels.