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Plants under ₹50

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About Plants under ₹50

Fun Fact: Did you know that surrounding yourself with plants can lead to increased productivity and reduced stress levels? Research has shown that the presence of plants in your environment can work wonders for your well-being.

Now, let's embark on a journey to explore why our "Plants under ₹50" collection deserves a special place in your heart and home:

Green Therapy on a Shoestring:
Discover the joy of gardening without the strain on your wallet. Our "Plants under ₹50" prove that happiness can come at a pocket-friendly price. Dive into the world of plants without worrying about your budget.

Tiny Treasures, Big Impact:
Don't underestimate the power of small plants. Our budget-friendly options might be small in size but are big on impact. They fit perfectly in your cozy spaces, bringing a burst of nature to your life.

Accessibility for All:
We believe that everyone deserves a green corner to call their own. Our "Plants under ₹50" ensure that no one is left out from the joys of plant parenting. It's gardening that's truly inclusive.

Budget-Friendly Decor:
Your living spaces deserve a touch of nature. Our affordable plants double as décor elements, adding a dash of greenery to your home without breaking the bank.

Stress-Busting Bargains:
Gardening should be relaxing, not a financial burden. With our budget-friendly options, you can embrace the therapeutic benefits of gardening without stressing over expenses.

Gifts That Grow:
Looking for unique and budget-friendly gifts? Our affordable plants make thoughtful presents for any occasion. Gift a plant, and you're gifting growth, positivity, and a touch of nature.

Healthier You, Greener World:
Plants under ₹50 not only benefit you but also the planet. They contribute to a greener, more sustainable world by promoting eco-conscious choices.

Low Maintenance, High Reward:
Our budget-friendly plants are easy to care for, making them perfect for beginners or anyone with a busy schedule. Enjoy the perks of gardening with minimal effort.

The Green Thumb Starter Kit:
If you're new to gardening, our "Plants under ₹50" are your green thumb starter kit. Experiment, learn, and watch your love for plants grow without risking your savings.

Variety Galore:
Our collection boasts a diverse range of plants, from succulents to leafy wonders and more. Whatever your green preferences, you'll find affordable plants that speak to your heart.

With our "Plants under ₹50," you can turn your green dreams into reality without denting your wallet. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a newbie, our budget-friendly plants invite you to embrace the world of greenery in a witty, affordable, and sustainable way. Dive in, explore, and let your journey to a greener and thriftier life begin today at Metronursery!

Affordable Indoor Plants under ₹50

Affordable indoor plants under ₹50 are a fantastic way to infuse your living space with greenery without burning a hole in your pocket. In this budget-friendly category, you'll discover a variety of plant options that are not only easy on your wallet but also easy to care for. Let's delve into the world of indoor plants under ₹50 and explore how you can bring the outdoors in without breaking the bank.

Budget-Friendly Outdoor Plants under ₹50

Creating a lush garden or sprucing up your outdoor space doesn't have to be expensive. Budget-friendly outdoor plants under ₹50 allow you to transform your garden or balcony into a vibrant paradise without spending a fortune. From colorful flowers to hardy shrubs, let's explore affordable outdoor plant options that thrive in your outdoor haven.

Tiny Succulents under ₹50

Succulents are all the rage in the plant world, and you can join the trend without stretching your budget. Tiny succulents under ₹50 come in a variety of shapes and hues, making them an ideal choice for small spaces, windowsills, or as desk companions. Discover these budget-friendly succulents and explore how to care for these charming, low-maintenance plants.

Air-Purifying Plants under ₹50

Did you know that you can breathe easier at home without spending a fortune? Air-purifying plants under ₹50 actively filter out harmful toxins from the air, creating a healthier indoor environment. Explore budget-friendly options that not only enhance your home's aesthetics but also promote cleaner air for you and your loved ones.

Budget-Friendly Herbs under ₹50

Bring the flavors of a thriving kitchen garden into your home with budget-friendly herbs under ₹50. These culinary wonders not only add zest to your dishes but also add a touch of greenery to your kitchen. Dive into the world of affordable herbs and learn how to nurture them for a bountiful harvest.

Colorful Flowering Plants under ₹50

Who doesn't love the charm of blooming flowers? Budget-friendly flowering plants under ₹50 bring a burst of color and beauty to your indoor or outdoor spaces without straining your budget. From cheerful marigolds to delicate petunias, let's explore affordable flowering plant options that brighten up your surroundings.

Low-Maintenance Foliage Plants under ₹50

Foliage plants under ₹50 are known for their lush green leaves and adaptability. These budget-friendly options are not only visually appealing but also require minimal care, making them perfect for plant enthusiasts of all levels. Discover affordable foliage plants that thrive in various conditions.

Compact Cacti under ₹50

Cacti are renowned for their unique shapes and ability to thrive in arid conditions. Compact cacti under ₹50 are budget-friendly options that make stylish additions to your plant collection. Explore these spiky wonders and uncover the secrets to their care and maintenance.

Budget-Friendly Ground Covers under ₹50

Looking to fill your garden with vibrant ground covers without spending a fortune? Budget-friendly ground covers under ₹50 offer an affordable way to carpet your outdoor spaces with greenery. Let's explore these low-cost ground cover options that provide both beauty and functionality to your garden.

Hardy Ornamental Plants under ₹50

Hardy ornamental plants under ₹50 are budget-friendly choices that add a touch of elegance to your outdoor spaces. These plants are not only visually pleasing but also resilient, thriving in various conditions. Discover budget-friendly ornamental plants and enhance the aesthetics of your garden without overspending.


Can I really find healthy plants under ₹50 in India?

Absolutely! Metronursery offers a diverse range of healthy and thriving plants under ₹50. We prioritize affordability without compromising on the health and quality of our plants. You can indeed discover budget-friendly and robust plants.

Are these budget-friendly plants suitable for beginners in India?

Absolutely. Our selection of plants under ₹50 is perfect for beginners in India. We've handpicked easy-to-care-for plants, making them ideal for those who are new to gardening or have limited experience. Gardening should be a delightful experience for everyone, and our plants are tailored to provide just that.

Can I create an indoor garden in India without overspending?

Certainly! Our "Plants under ₹50" collection allows you to create an indoor garden in India without exceeding your budget. These budget-friendly indoor plants are not only visually appealing but also adapt well to indoor conditions. You can transform your living spaces into green oases without worrying about expenses.

Are there air-purifying plants under ₹50 available in India?

Yes, you can find air-purifying plants under ₹50 in India through Metronursery. Our budget-friendly air-purifying plants actively cleanse the air of toxins, improving your indoor environment's health and quality. Enjoy the benefits of purified indoor air without straining your budget.

How do I care for budget-friendly succulents in India?

Caring for budget-friendly succulents in India is straightforward. These plants thrive in well-draining soil, bright but indirect sunlight, and infrequent watering. Simply place them in a spot with adequate light and allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Succulents are known for their resilience and suitability for Indian climates.

Can I gift budget-friendly plants in India for special occasions?

Absolutely! Budget-friendly plants make thoughtful and eco-friendly gifts for various occasions in India, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or housewarmings. Gifting a plant symbolizes growth, positivity, and sustainability. Our affordable plant options offer a meaningful way to express your well-wishes and appreciation.

Do these budget-friendly plants require special fertilizers in India?

Our budget-friendly plants in India do not require specialized fertilizers. We recommend using standard, well-balanced fertilizers appropriate for the specific type of plant you have. Proper fertilization practices will ensure your plants receive the necessary nutrients to thrive without the need for expensive or specialized fertilizers.

Can I find budget-friendly flowering plants for Indian gardens?

Yes, Metronursery offers a variety of budget-friendly flowering plants suitable for Indian gardens. These plants add vibrant colors and charm to your outdoor spaces without straining your budget. You can enjoy the beauty of blooming flowers in your garden without overspending.

What types of low-maintenance plants are available under ₹50?

Metronursery provides a range of low-maintenance plants under ₹50. These plants are easy to care for and are suitable for beginners or individuals with busy lifestyles. Whether you choose succulents or indoor herbs, our budget-friendly options require minimal attention while providing a refreshing green atmosphere.

Are these budget-friendly plants suitable for small spaces in India?

Absolutely! Our "Plants under ₹50" collection includes options ideal for small spaces in India. Whether you reside in a compact apartment, have a balcony, or possess a small garden, you can find affordable plants that fit your space while introducing a touch of nature to your surroundings.

Can I find rare and exotic plants under ₹50 in India?

While rare and exotic plants can be expensive, our collection may occasionally feature budget-friendly options. Keep an eye on our selection, as unique finds may become available within your ₹50 budget from time to time.

How can I order budget-friendly plants from Metronursery in India?

Ordering budget-friendly plants from Metronursery in India is simple. Visit our website, browse the "Plants under ₹50" section, select the plants you desire, add them to your cart, proceed to checkout, and follow the easy steps to place your order. We'll promptly deliver healthy and affordable plants to your doorstep, ensuring that you can enjoy the beauty of greenery without exceeding your budget.